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Mann's BFF

Holistic Dog Training, Owner Education, & Animal Energy Healing

A tired dog is a well behaved, content dog! Mental stimulation combined with physical activity is a great way to tire your dog out. Exercising together creates a strong bond, lets your dog know you're a great leader and is really a lot of fun for you both!

As a dog trainer I get asked about many different behavior issues such as excessive barking, digging in the yard, chewing household items, running around the house like a maniac, getting into everything... my answer almost all of the time is that your dog needs more activity and more exercise.

Since dogs enjoy their activities best when they're playing with their owners, I created...

An outdoor class to get you and your dog moving together through an obstacle course. This popular class runs only once a year in the summer and fills up fast.

It is the most fun you'll ever have with your dog!!!

2012 class has already run for the year. Please join our mailing list to be informed when 2013 registraton opens!

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